“I am the luckiest man on earth”

I left my engineer’s career years ago when I decided to do what I really love. Photography and Cinematography give me the opportunity to be creative, to look around and film what I see and what I feel. It is a great sensation when I am able to freeze the moment.

 What can I say? I love what I do.  It is always a pleasure to meet couples who are preparing what it is going to be one of the best days in their lives. You can see the emotion in their eyes and the excitement in their words. I always  tell them the same…..”be yourself and enjoy the day as much as possible, laugh, cry, dance, feel it.”

Yes, I love what I do. I am surrounded by happy people spending a great time together. I just have to take my lenses and capture what I see. Human beings are amazing, we are amazing, we are able to express feelings all the time, just a nice smile, a look, the sparkle in our eyes or a simple gesture reflects the soul we have inside.