What a lovely girl. I remember shooting this one in Castillo de Bellver, Palma de Mallorca. Everyone was waiting for the little girl to bring the rings but she didn’t want to do it. Great expectation and tense atmosphere for a few minutes. Finally her mum convince her to do it. Que niña mas dulce. […]

I want to show you this photo because it means a lot to me. It is another little and special story on it. A German Spanish wedding in the heart of Palma, Susanne and Javier get married in San Francisco church. San Francisco church is a big and a nice church but a little bit […]

Complicity. A danish couple celebrated their wedding. The bride was sitting with his sun and the groom with her daughter. What a nice family. I saw from the beginning a strong connection between father and daughter and I could not resit to wait and catch a moment of their complicity.   Una pareja Danesa celebraba […]

It is always a great pleasure to visit this small and beautiful place in the heart of the Mallorcan mountain. This time with a great couple, friends and family to celebrate a wedding. The petit hotel CA´S XORC in Soller was the place chosen for this fantastic event. Guest coming from all around the globe […]