Recommended wedding accessories

After all my years of experience working in weddings, I have seen what works well and is fun to have in your wedding. The guest have really good time with live music, DJ's, Lights, artist, magicians etc... Also they use others items to have even more fun. I will give you a few things that really work in a wedding.

  1. Instant cameras : this cameras are a must in a wedding, a party or any other event like this. The instant cameras are the way to have funny instant pictures of all the guests. I have seen one per table or just one in a table with a book or album to sign and stick the photo in it. It is a cool gift and the end for the couple. There are many instant cameras, one of the cameras that I really like is the Fuji Intax for example.
  2. Flip flops: give your girlfriends a relief for their dancing feet by giving them a pair of light and comfy flip flops. If you buy them in a pack they come individually wrapped and in a pretty basket.
  3. Straw Hats, umbrellas or something similar. As you know Mallorca is quite hot in summer. The time of the ceremony, specially if is going to take place outside, is between 4-6 pm and it is a pretty hot time, therefore I really recommend you to have straw hats and umbrellas. Think about it!. You have also in Amazon many types of this items and they can also be personalize. (As an example some places where probably you need this product: Son Marroig, Biniorella, Son Mir, Hotel Jumeirah, Mardavall, Son Vida, Cap Rocat....)